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Phrase 2 & 1

City Resort, in total 7 phrases, is a big property built by chm5310.

Phrase 1 & 2Edit

Phrase 1 ( 5 Spawn Road) and Phrase 2 ( 3 Mount Road ) is the first 2 phrases of the City Resorts project. They are next to each other and it is located at the Main Area of the city. So there are a lot of facilities.


  • chmtrains City Resort Station
  • City Hall
  • TheDawnCity Hospital
  • chm properties agency
  • streetcars City Resort Station

Phrase 3 & 4Edit

Phrase 3 and Phrase 4 ( 1-2 Middle Lane ) were two buildings next to each other with a roof connecting.                         The difference of this two phrases from others is that they are located in a far place (Park Lane) instead of the Spawn Area. 


  • chmrail Park Lane Station
  • streetcars Library Station
  • streetcars dawson subline Abandoned House Station
  • Library

Phrase 5 & 6Edit

Phrase 5 ( 15 Resort Crescent) and Phrase 6 ( 12 Resort Crescent) were last two buildings in City Resort project ,which is next to each other and near to Phrase 1 & 2. It is at the edge of Spawn District which is very near to the Bridge Road which belongs to Dandelion District. The location is near to the city but very quiet and peaceful.


  • Underground Rollercoasters
  • chmrail Mushroom House Station
  • chmrail Rose Skyline Mushroom House Station
  • Spawn Ferry Pier
  • Rose Bridge